Cash back italia is part of a professional group which specialises in foreign vat refund for third parties.

Vat refund used to be recuperated from the relevant foreign tax authority through our local onsite offices – thus united cash back began – the largest european network for vat refund for third parties.  Cash back italia has been part of this group since 2002.

In 2010 a new european regulation was introduced changing what vat is refundable on services as well as how to apply for the vat refund.  Cash back italia has adapted its procedures according to these changes.

Today vat refund is done electronically through the portals of the appropriate financial offices following specific procedures and deadlines. This is handled by cash back italia’s specialists.

We are experts in uploading the correct and complete documentation to the portal of the tax authority for a successful vat refund and we have an excellent working relationship with our european counterparts in case the foreign tax authority needs to be contacted in special circumstances

Cash back italia in addition collaborates with a group of italian tax consultants who can help our clients and their partners to solve any italian tax problem including fiscal representation

Applying for a foreign vat refund can be difficult. Make it easy and use Cash Back Italia.