How it works

Our job is to get vat refunds back for our clients as quickly as possible.

The telematic process used since 2010 has noticeably reduced the time needed for foreign vat refunds, particularly from germany and france.  when your application for the vat refund has been accepted, the local tax authorities will send the vat refund directly to your company’s bank account. The refund usually takes about 4 months from the date of the application. Applying for foreign vat refund needs to be done quickly and correctly. The best way is to use professional experts.

How to get foreign vat back

The foreign tax authorities refund local vat telematically to companies resident in the eu. All you need are the invoices showing the foreign vat, with these the application for a refund can be made through the portal of the italian tax authority or the foreign portals of the local authorities.  every eu member can apply via email, foreign portal, italian portal or registered post.

We communicate with all european tax authorities, in all languages and through all channels

The vat refund will be paid directly to your company’s bank account when the application is accepted.

Getting foreign vat back is not simple – cash back italia knows how, let us do it